Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy week

Sorry I've not been posting but I've got a busy week as prom is tomorrow. :) If you guys got anything awesome to show me then go ahead and Ill post it. In the meantime, just hang in there!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Ok, I know this isn't a video game (or maybe it was inspired by Star Trek) but hey its pretty freaking sweet. Apparently the Navy has been testing lasers for their ships to defend from small craft to missles flying at 54534785675 MPH. (Ok, maybe not that fast but NO ONE ASKED YOU....jeez). Punch the link with your fist to view the video.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Second Life

For those who may not have heard of this game...or what ever it is. Its a "looker uper". According to X Fire I've logged about 3000 hours on the game. (Yes I still use Xfire). But anyways... Second Life is pretty awesome because of how it works. You can build anything you want and sell it. The game also has real world value for its "Linden dollar" system. Meaning 1000L$ is about $4. There has been reports of people making a killing from this game by real estate (People pay big money for this land in hopes of making money on their own, or just for virtual house to selling clothes for avatars.  A few of my Friends have made videos based on Second Life, hit the links to check em out and also hit the link for second life's home page.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I know its rather old now, but I felt like playing it today with Tdub. While playing GTA IV I noticed EVERYONE had some sort of mods. Many of you who have modded vice city and other games like that, then you realize how big the modding community is. What happened to GTA IV? Is it that much harder to code? I would love to see some Mutli-Theft auto for it (Yes I know it already has multiplayer). I feel that the multiplayer with the game was rather...lacking. Even role-play servers was pretty sweet for GTA SA. Perhaps with GTA V it will fill in those gaps that GTA IV had.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Macbeth Parody

Hi guys, this is a little Parody that was for my English project using Gmod. Tdub did all the camera and editing work and I did the voices. Check out his blog at  Shoot the play button for a feature film. ;) Enjoy!

Typical day of Battle Field bad company 2

Ok, so most of you are ready for Battlefield 3 to come out. So me and a few friends decided to hop in for a little fun on BC2. Using squad based tactics we usually get the best ranking squad and us being the top 3 players. But lately we kinda got bored so we started doing tricks such as launching a quad across the map using a ton of land mines and shooting them, but the really fun thing to do is...... taking an RPG and shooting a friendly helicopter.... ok, ok, I know you're going to be like "BUT THERE ISN'T FRIENDLY FIRE!!!!" Well you can still shoot em, and its pretty hilarious watching the helicopter lose control and crash. Videos should be posted soon.